underglaze transfer
My DIY underglaze transfer pattern.

Potters Save $10 on Underglaze Transfers!

Slip transfers, underglaze transfers, rice paper transfers. They all mean the same thing—a lot of fun adding unique decorations to your clay surfaces. Spring is a perfect time to settle into the potting studio and turn out some work. Rains and funky weather give us time to hide out indoors. Try something new or revisit your favorite techniques.

One of my favorites is printing images onto clay slabs. Sometimes I make my own transfers. See our article Slip Transfer, Black and White Designs. (Subscribe to HandbuildersMonthly premium content so you can read the whole article.)

Sometimes, I treat myself and buy transfers from Sanbao Studio, also known as ChinaClayArt.comSanbao is one of my favorite clay and pottery tool vendors. They treat customers fairly, their prices are reasonable, and their transfers, or decals, are high quality. If that’s not enough for any artist, let me share a true bonus with you!

Sanbao has created a permanent discount code for readers of HandbuildersMonthly. They provide free shipping with the permanent discount

underglaze transfers
Awesome spiders from ChinaClayArt.com

code freeshiphbm2019. No coupon needed and you can use the code any time you order.  We would appreciate if you do not pass this code to friends — it helps if you send them to this page to pick up the code so our vendors can see where buyers are coming from! That’s a $10 savings on any order. I just placed an order—I especially love the black spider sheets for use on my rustic coffee mugs.


I very rarely have any issue with the rice paper transfers Sanbao sells. However, on the rare occasion I have had a question or concern, a quick email gets a lightening fast response from Dan Li.

You’ll really like the selection of colors and patterns. They hold up to moisture and release well. The colors fire true. We’ll explain in a coming story how to use these transfers. It’s a piece of cake. The results are fantastic.

underglaze transfers
Another mug, with a very detailed carp transfer. My fisherman loves this one.

While you’re shopping for underglaze transfers at ChinaClayArt, browse their website. You’ll find handmade brushes, gorgeous pottery, and learning opportunities. Tell your friends—these folks are worth adding to your resource list.

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