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durable templates for ceramic slab

Making Durable Templates for Ceramic Slab Work

durable templates for ceramic slabJeff Heubner shows how to make very durable templates for ceramic slab work. He gave us permission to share his informative video with you. This technique will enhance your studio tool kit and make duplicating slab built vessels and wares foolproof. Jeff’s video is short and to the point. is process suggests a number of readily available materials to use in making templates for your ceramics studio. All produce a washable, reusable durable template for ceramic slab work.

Quick to make, these templates are perfect for reproducing your favorite designs for ceramic cups, bowls, tumblers, trays, platters, and any number of other items.

Jeff Huebner teaches at Fletcher High School, Neptune Beach Florida. He has deployed a number of helpful videos on the Web at YouTube. Let us know if this is helpful to you.

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