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I can’t always respond to support requests immediately, but I will read every one carefully and provide you with the best help I can offer. Please give me as much detail as possible. Screenshots are often helpful. If you have an on line media sharing account (like Flickr or Shutterfly ), upload your pics and send me the link.

   Please use the form below (or to the right) to send a support request.

Login Trouble

This is the first tech support issue I received here at Hand Builders’ Monthly and my research shows that it’s a popular topic on tech forums too.

Some smart phones may be set to automatically fill in the Username for your login. This can be troublesome if the autofill text – often your email address – doesn’t match your Username. A popular solution for this situation is to turn OFF auto-fill. Best source of information on how to do this would be the user’s manual, of course. But, if you don’t have it handy, you can find manuals for many devices on line. You could also try a Google search for your device’s model and a keyword or two describing the problem. Another suggestion is change your Username to your email address. You will have to send in a support request to do that.

How to Change Your Password

We changed the Member Login menu to include a page named “User Profile & PWD Reset”.  You’ll be now able to add or change that pesky password to something you like.

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