Portland in March NCECA 2017 Conference

nceca 2017 conference
Image by Karl Johnson
from TravelPortland website

Save the dates March 22-25 in Portland, ORE for the NCECA 2017 Conference.
Online pre-registration is avilable to the end of February. You can also register right at the conference.

As is typical, NCECA intends to focus on a series of thoughtful questions designed to make you think about the future of your art:

  • How will more sustainable models of ceramic art and education continue to evolve?
  • What are the essential competencies and capacities for ceramic artists and educators today and for the future?
  • How can we continue to draw from rich historic traditions while reinvigorating their relevance in rapidly changing global societies?

There will, as always, be some exhibits and activities that are free and the public is welcome. For example, Projects Space—artists were pre-selected. They’ll create works incorporating clay as medium in time-based, performative, relational, or site-responsive work. Event is in a publicly accessible area of the Portland Convention Center.

Other NCECA 2017 Conference highlights include

Kristin Shimik’s A Prayer Without Words
Celebrates and embraces contemplation through repetition. It is an act of centering for the performer and it provides a meditative object for the viewer.

Jerry Kaba’s Idol Times: A Tribute to the Past, Present, and Future

Have a look at Jerry Kaba’s website. Quite the interesting artist.
“Human culture is in a constant state of flux as are the symbols that define it.” Artists will create a monolith to celebrate this culture flux. You may join in, making your own idol offering to be placed on their monolith.

Matthew Eames’—Room

nceca 2017 conference
Matthew Eames

For the NCECA 2017 Conference, Eames is creating an interactive installation that references architecture and the process of building. With created ceramic bricks and parts, he challenges the viewer to psychologically experience the impermanence of man-made structures.

For more on the events and exhibits, visit NCECA’s website.

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