Which National Clay Week?

national clay week
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Yep, it’s about to be National Clay Week in the U.S. The little-known holiday is celebrated in June each year. However, they may be about to get some competition from some big guys. Social media is circulating a post about the premier of a new National Clay Week. It’s in October.

So What’s the National Clay Week Story?

You can inscribe your recurring calendar with a reminder for the second week in June each year. This National Clay Week apparently began in 1940-something when the Uhrichsville, OH Chamber of Commerce held an all day fun fair that revolved around clay. They’re still doing it each year, to one degree or another. Not a bad plan.

Now the newer National Clay Week, which you can put in your reminders, is hoping to make a debut October 10 to 14th, 2016. All over the U.S. by way a community of kindred spirits. From what I found in my deep research, this project is the brainchild of one Stephen Creech, Director of Marketing for AmacoBrent.

You can read about their plans, and make a donation, if that’s your thing, on the National Clay Week website.

Clay people should bond!

In any case, Handbuilders Monthly loves the idea of mud slingers bonding about clay and ceramic art. Pottery rules. So pick whichever National Clay Week you like, or support both. Celebrate either week by making pottery and learning about your art and about clay.

  • Visit an art fair that features ceramicists.
  • Take a pottery workshop, or organize one.
  • Fire some raku pots (see our article about Raku Master firing tips in the June issue).
  • Get together with other clay workers and learn something new.
  • Practice whatever handbuilding process drives you crazy.
  • Make a teapot handle or teapot spout sculpture.



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