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NCECA Highlights for handbuilders

NCECA Highlights for Hand Builders

NCECA’s 50th anniversary celebration includes the NCECA (National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts) Annual Conference to Kansas City, MO—March 16-19. Our article explores NCECA highlights for hand builders.

celadon glaze

Celadon Glaze Recipe Ideas

Our goal is to explore types of glazes, a little history, and some recipes. Please note that we don’t endorse these celadon glaze recipes, nor have we tried them all. Proceed with caution, and read carefully when you visit the links.

pottery studio tour

Pottery Studio Tour in the Midwest

Fri, Sat, and Sun, May 6, 7, 8,  2016. If you’re interested in what other working potters are doing, there’s a self-guided tour of independent pottery studios near Minneapolis. They say it’s a comfortable drive to visit all seven in one day.

mishima hand built

Mishima Decoration Hand Built Forms

Mishima decoration is an inlay of colored or white slip over a contrasting clay body. The artist uses a fine blade, like an X-acto, to draw/cut very fine lines and then presses slip into the lines. Mishima decoration on hand built forms is fun and turns out beautiful results.


American Ceramicist’s International Commission

Terri Kern is one of four American artists commissioned to create sculptural lantern finials for a park in China. Terri is associated with the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati. This American ceramicist’s international commission is not her first, but she’s really excited!