Make Clay Wedding Favors

clay wedding favors
You could think of a million ways to adapt this idea!

I never though of making clay wedding favors, but what a terrific idea! I met ceramicist Terry Cervantes on Twitter, and she’s delightful.  She was showing her clay wedding favors—diminutive ceramic cups carrying the bride and groom’s initials in a heart.

At once, I was attracted to the idea of using something beautiful, handcrafted, and enduring to commemorate such an event. I mean, anyone can put little candies in a paper cup or a mesh bag, or print match books. (Who the heck even uses matches anymore?) But imagine the reaction of a bride’s wedding guests when her table favors are well-crafted, unique, personalized clay wedding favors that will endure for years.

I asked Terry if I could present her idea to Handbuilders Monthly readers and she promptly agreed.

Terry takes creative inspiration from various cultuclay wedding favorsres and philosophies. She says her work can have the flavors of Asia, Native American, surrealism, and whatever Mother Nature provides. She even sees ceramic art in tattoos as illustrated by using underglaze pencils to create wonderful moon faces on pottery.

I love the fact that, as Terry creates pottery, she thinks about the person who will use the product and how she can enhance their experience.

This post isn’t meant to be a how-to, but more of an idea inspiration. Sit down and draw out some clay objects that could be custom produced as clay wedding favors, sweet 16 party favors, baby shower favors, bridesmaid gifts…see? I’ll bet you can come up with unbelievably imaginative thing. It’s often the simplest ideas that become the most successful!

terry cervantes

Find Terry online at tjCervantesArt. She enjoys a 5-star rating on Etsy with over 100 reviews, too. Don’t forget Facebook.


Once you have some clay wedding favors or party ideas, share them with us in the comment area. Isn’t this fun!

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