Cecil Kemperink’s Ceramic Links Sculptures

Cecil Kemperlink's ceramic links

How Incredible Ceramic Chainmaille (Ceramic Chainmail) Techniques Can Become Sensual Art


We stumbled upon an artist from The Netherlands, Cecil Kemperlink, who believes ceramic art should be heard as well as seen. Cecil’s work has been selected for the 2017 Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in Korea. It was a pleasure to find that this artist funded her trip to Korea via Kickstarter. Nice to know people support our art.

Biennale is Italian for biennial, or, every other year. The Korean event, held in odd numbered years, began in 2001 as a call for clay artists around the world. More than 70 countries will participate this year. The event is described as diverse efforts to tear down boundaries and expand ceramics.  The month-long 2017 show is themed: Narrative: Story, Memory, and Prayer. Our new friend, Cecil Kemperlink, had two of her works selected for the show.

kemperink's ceramic links
Cecil’s daughter, Lies, photo by M Sterck.

Cecil says her journey to clay art began on the potter’s wheel. She played and experimented with clay, as do most of us, and developed an affinity for sensual work that feeds people’s need for constant change. Her work combines ideas she cares deeply about—time, change, touch, sound, color. Her formal educational background in textile art taught Cecil how to manipulate materials and change them. Her long-time love of ballet and its variety of body expression, made her passionate about creative movement. She follows personal intuition to make and create from her soul and spirit.

Cecil told PureStylingBlog that time also plays a role in her work. She said intensive labor and repetitive actions combine components into a single work of clay rings. The rings are different sizes and weights. Moving the work, as seen in her video below, changes both shape and sound, resulting in a wider perspective. Cecil’s work is about movement and change.

“My works are about more than only the visual,” she told HandbuildersMonthly. “Sound is important and also the making of the movements! Touching and reshaping the finished forms, and their sounds, gives a lot of new information and feeling.”

This clay artist encourages her audience to come close—touch, see, listen.

Tony Furtado, a clay artist we introduced you last year, works in ceramic chainmail. kemperink's ceramic linksHis pieces aren’t the same as Cecil’s. Tony’s are permanent installations showing the intricacies of weaving clay rings into dramatic hanging pieces of art. Cecil’s art uses similar techniques, though hers moves out of the realm of armor and into a tactile place. But it isn’t tough to see that a technique can be altered to personalize clay work. If you’re interested in making ceramic chainmail or ceramic ring construction, we’ve assembled resources for you.

kemperink's ceramic links

Cecil Kemperink won’t be sitting still after her sojourn to Korea. She has an exhibition in Brussels in September 2017 and another show right after. In between, she is seeking a really appropriate venue to exhibit and perform her ceramic art and is looking for an artist in residence opportunity.


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Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cecilkemperink/

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