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Incredible Pottery Seminar, Cheap!

Do you dream of finding an incredible pottery seminar, cheap? No matter how proficient you are as a potter, or how tremendous your teacher is, a fresh point of view is invaluable. We found your next pottery seminar, if you’re willing to take a great potters vacation.

The trip is hosted by an organization called Road Scholar, formerly known as Elderhostel. While this not-for-profit once catered only to travellers over a certain age, I could find no such rule on their website. I called the organization and they said this, “Our programs are designed for people 50 and over. The minimum age is 40 for a solo traveler.”

Before you sign up for anything, check details, please.

The Pottery Seminar

The trip that caught my eye is called The Art of Working Clay by Hand and it takes place in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The experience is six days, five nights, includes fifteen meals. Price? $615. Really. August 6 to Aug 11, 2017.

Here’s what they say about the experience.

“Working under expert guidance in a fully equipped pottery studio, use soft clay slab construction and extruded forms to learn and apply a range of techniques including slip and score construction, the slump mold process, sgraffito design and glazing. Begin with raw clay, form it, glaze it and fire it to produce decorative and functional pieces you can take home proudly.”

It’s generally a small class — under 24 people, so you’ll get a fair amount of attention. The class is rated for beginners to expert level.

Use the Art of Working with Clay by Hand link above for in-depth info. Ceramicist Becky Garrity is one of the experts involved.

Keep in mind that Road Scholar has other trips that revolve around clay and ceramics. There are experiences from handbuilding to ancient pottery excavation. The level of physical activity varies from very little, as in the handbuilding studio experience, to a bit rugged.

Price points range from $600 to about $2000 and locations vary from U.S. to international.

What If You’re Under 40 Years Old?

Well, there are other organizations who arrange all kinds of educational experiences like this pottery seminar.  Big Ceramic Store has a huge list of classes and workshops. Most of our featured artists do workshops, too. Some come to you, some allow you to visit their studios for classes.

If you know of really unique experiences, please tell us in the comment section! And now, this —

Off topic — a ceramic Easter Egg.

An Easter Egg, in computer lingo, is a hidden gem intentionally inserted in a program or app for users to find unexpectedly. We’re going to start leaving little Easter Eggs for readers. Here’s the first one:

Our readers this month have highly recommended Mayco’s Copper Ore and Copper

copper float
Mayco Copper Float

Float glazes for a gorgeous metallic enriched surface. Check it out at your favorite ceramic material supplier. 

copper glaze


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