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submission guidelinesCall for Great Potters Who Write Stuff

We’re looking for fascinating, elucidating content. No matter your experience level with pottery, ceramics, clay, or writing for that matter, we’d love to hear your article ideas. If you can write a piece for us, read on and see how to submit. If you’re not comfortable writing, contact us and tell us your idea—we’ll write it.

Simple steps to submitting

  1. Subscribe to the Hand Builders Monthly Newsletter and read with us for awhile. Successful guest posts come from readers who know us and our audience.
  2. Read and follow the writer’s guidelines below.
  3. Send us a well-composed headline and outline your idea for a guest post.
  4. Wait for an invitation to submit your post for approval.
  5. Receive approval, write your most polished, clean prose, and send it to us via email or contact form.

That’s it! The rest is up to us, and we do this:

  • We may tell you the topic isn’t exactly right for us at this time. No hard feelings; try again sometime.
  • If revisions seem in order, we’ll request them.
  • If your work shines, we’ll make an assignment. We don’t guarantee we’ll publish the finished piece, but we’re interested.

About compensation and protecting all of us:

HandBuildersMonthly.com uses two to three guest articles per month.
HandBuildersMonthly.com requires exclusive first digital serial rights. We also reserve the right to reprint your articles on other sites and in ebooks at any time, forever. We reserve the right to edit or change your content. You have full rights to use your work as you choose after 90 days, electronically, or in print.

We offer two spiffs and a perk in exchange for your article.

  1. Half a year subscription to premium content FREE.
  2. A byline with links to your project, website, and Facebook page. Promotion on our social media.
  3. Our undying thanks and gratitude. We’ll also talk about you to all of our extensive numbers of friends, potters, and associates.

We’ll even follow you in social media, especially if you follow ClayHandbuilders at FB, @mkpelland,  or our Hand Builder Collection at Google+.

Please Don’t SUBMIT AN ENTIRE ARTICLE. It will not be read or considered. 

We reserve the right to reject or accept any idea for any reason or no reason, but we have high respect for potters and clay workers, so reach out to us if you have an idea.