Covid Ceramics for Sanity Sake

We all know that artists habitually memorialize major  events in their work. There are cave paintings in Lascaux, France and petroglyphs in Fountain Bluff, Illinois. Photographers in Louisiana immortalized the devastation of Katrina. And so it goes. Right now, the world is dealing with Covid 19 and artists are on it.

HandbuildersMonthly has spent a few days collecting works by potters who, hunkered down in their home studios, are memorializing the pandemic that nobody believed was coming. Some use humor, some pathos, and some a grim point of view.

Maybe you readers want to send us pictures of your efforts? In any case, enjoy the images, stay safe and stay home. Oh yeah, stay centered.

Toilet Paper art by Katherine Stone, mug artist unk, Virus by Mary Jean Deja, gasmask unk, mask MJ Deja, 3D printed duck by MyMiniArt, Covid19 by Jonna K  and blue and white porcelains by M. Pelland.

From the Washington Post

Not ceramic, but certainly worth a look









by Richard Notkin








by Josie Rochell










Many of the potters represented here are people I work with in our community studio. All are sheltering in place at home. Keeping our muddy hands connected and encouraging you to do the same.

If you want more pandemic art, try this interesting essay from Andrew Russeth at Artform.

Send me photos of your Covid art. We’ll publish more as time goes by.

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