Ceramics Programs and Opportunities

ceramics programs
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There are a myriad of outstandingly helpful ceramics programs and opportunities across the U.S. and around the world. Here a couple to consider as you grow your ceramic art.

Archie Bray Foundation Residencies

Archie Bray Foundation is one of the most prestigious ceramics programs. Your work and your dedication have to be top-drawer. Archie Bray offers long and short term fellowships. scholarships, various types of residencies. They accept applications only between November and March 1 each year. It’s too late for this year’s cycle. However,  you must submit, among other things, high-quality images of twenty pieces of your work. Archie Bray is a place for you, begin now to compile that portfolio of your pottery.

NCECA International Residencies

NCECA works in ceramic arts education, research, and creative practices. They offer international program opportunites in places like Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. If you’re interested in exploring those ceramics programs, you must join NCECA as a member. Explore their list of options.

Lillstreet Ceramics Programs

Lillstreet offers internship-type ceramics programs as well as counselor-in-training spots. The quality of their studio is world-renowned. If you act at super speed, there’s still time to apply to a ceramics program this year. Deadline is May 15. But this is a great time to create a body of work to submit for next May, as well. You’ll need ten to fifteen images of work you’ve done over the past two years.


The Potters Shop & School

The Potters Shop & School has no static application deadline for their internships, some of which are paid positions. You can apply with a cover letter describing your interest and experience in

  • throwing
  • sculpture
  • handbuilding
  • knowledge of raw materials
  • mixing glazes
  • loading and  firing kilns
  • other technical knowledge or experience

Include your resume, ten images of your work, and references. See details at their website, linked above.

You can Google for ceramic programs, as well, there are many. Can you imagine how inspiring it would be to work among a cadre of dedicate ceramicists, all striving to perfect their craft?

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