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“Thanks for mentioning our 24th Annual St Croix Valley Pottery Tour. I looked at your site and was very taken with the scope of your [publication].” — Robert Briscoe, Minnesota Potters

Mac McCusker

Handbuilders Monthly is a fantastic resource for current trends in ceramics and for practical techniques and tips used by contemporary ceramic artists.” —Mac McCusker, Ceramic Artist

MaryLou Mateja pottery
MaryLou Mateja

“I have always been a wheel thrower and sculptor, but I found myself drawn into hand building every time I saw another project or idea on Handbuilders Monthly. I decided to become a subscriber and increase my scope in clay. I can’t imagine how exciting this online magazine must be for those of you who do nothing but handbuild! I am, now, a handbuilder, having completed my first pieces with pride! I have enjoyed the process, which, after 17 years in clay, has inspired me to move in this direction and become an avid fan. What a great way to glean from others who are “mudders”! I cannot say enough about the value of learning from what others share on this online source. It is one of the best!” —MaryLou Mateja, Artist and Ceramicist


Elizabeth K.

“I don’t do clay, I paint. But I’m interested in clay—want to do it in the future. I enjoy all the articles in Handbuilders Monthly and look forward to every issue!” — Elizabeth K, Artist

thick slip“I love the article. It is probably the best written thing about me or my work that anyone has done thus far. I really appreciate you taking the time and being patient with me in the process. I love it. ” — Chase Gamblin

Lyla Hoffman

“Thank you Maryan for including me in your article regarding pit firing in the BBQ. I enjoyed Jennifer’s perspective from the other side of the pond!” Lyla Hoffman