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Each month, join us on this page for hand building conversations. We’ll pose some topics that have been on our minds. You can pose your own topics. We thrive on your input. Comment, question, write pottery poetry—we’re interested!

How Do You Spell “Handbuilding?”

hand building
image by AmA Clay Youtube Art Channel

Help me figure this out. I think our publication style should use “handbuilding” since separating the compound word feels like we’re talking about people who build hands. Hand builders. Of course, we could hyphenate, but that’s so 2012. Your thoughts?


marketing potteryInterested in Topics About Marketing Pottery?

Maryan is trained in social media marketing and print marketing. For a long time in my writing career, I had to find good general info to sell my work. Now, I’m adapting that info to clay work. Tell me what you’d like to know about marketing your pots.

 Who is Your Favorite Ceramic Supply Retailer?

Online or brick and mortar. What do you buy there? Why do you like the place? Tell us how you shop for tools,  equipment, clay, glazes, etc!

favorite potter
Photo by Jim Losh

Who Are Your Favorite Ceramicists and Potters?

When you need inspiration for your clay work, whose work do you seek out. When you surf the web to see stunning ceramic art, who do you gravitate toward? Do you prefer traditional work or contemporary?


  1. watchmama says:

    Hello. I’m a new subscriber.
    Handbuilding – definitely one word.
    I think I get enough marketing info from other sources
    My current ceramic supply retailer is Xiem Tools. Their tools are beautifully designed, as is their packaging. They all feel good in your hands and hold up very well. I couldn’t live without their art bag.
    And that’s all I have to say about that! 🙂

    • Donna, what a pleasure to have you aboard! I’m beginning to agree that handbuilding works better as one word no matter what various grammar sites say. As for Xiem tools…man I love their carving tools! Sharp and manageable. Keep talking with us, we love to hear what potters are thinking!

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